here is what i am doing gonig to the LLL on saturday picnic then going with missy promote breastfeeding at the wayne dis center on wenesday and having fun fun fun

Three More Days!

Only three more days until World Breastfeeding Week! What is everyone doing to celebrate?

On my agenda:
  • August 1st - Posting a picture of a breastfeeding mom on my Facebook profile for the M.I.L.C. Virtual Nurse-In.
  • August 1st - Attending the La Leche League Family Picnic.
  • August 5th - Kristen and I will be setting up a table with refreshments and breastfeeding information at our Wayne County WIC Food Center.
  • Ongoing - We have an essay contest in Wayne County until the 21st to win fabulous prizes.
I'd love to see what everyone else is up to!

This is my picture for my Facebook profile: Danielle, Aaron (4 months), Oscar (almost 1 year) & Missy - Having a picnic!


Class Invitations

This afternoon I finished up work on our class invitations. We are planning a special extra fun class for August and so we wanted special invitations. They're ready to be addressed, stamped and mailed.

I printed the invitations on the front and back of card stock and cut them out.

Then added a little insert with some information about this year's WBW theme. I plan to use the back of these to write notes to a few moms on. I can email a .pdf of this if anyone wants to print some for WBW, there are four per page (just let me know if you want color or black and white).

Overlapped the flaps and sealed with "Breastfeeding does a world of good" stickers from noodle soup!

I think it would be fun to have a game that would show moms the advantages of breastfeeding during emergency situations (especially hurricanes), but I haven't come up with any specifics yet. Any ideas anyone?


Health Fair Photos

Here are a few pictures I took at the health fair this afternoon:

Kristen with our little setup. Big giant thanks to Scot for the tent! I am very grateful that I don't look like a lobster.

Our presentation board. I don't think anyone actually read a word on it (besides 'breastfeeding')- so if you're planning on making one, use lots of pictures! Also, large pieces of cardboard do not stand well on windy days. We provided the other health fair participants lots of free entertainment while we tried to catch our presentation board every time it blew away!

Table full of pamphlets. We also had various fliers available to anyone that wanted more information, but no good way to display them.

I think freebies were the main draw to the event, so it's a good thing we took bracelets and a few stickers from noodle soup. Kristen managed to sell 10 of our bows! yay Kristen!

Missy and I participated in the Wayne county health fair and survived the heat. And hopefully planted the seed of breastfeeding in someone.


Golden Bow Pins

I thought it would be really helpful to our breastfeeding classes if we had some dolls for the moms to use to help learn proper positioning. If they hold a doll and position it at their breast during class it may help them feel more comfortable and remember how to when their baby comes.

To help raise a little money for the dolls i made these golden bow pins to try to sell:

I used a $2 spool of ribbon cut into 10" pieces and tied into bows and adhesive pin backs that i found in the jewelry findings in walmart ($2 for 20). I added a little bit of super glue to make sure they stay on good. Be careful with the superglue - it messed up the color of the ribbon on my whole first batch. I ended up spray painting them gold again. I also added a little bit of fray check to the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

I pinned each bow to a business card which explains the symbolism behind the golden bow. If anyone wants to make these, I can email the .pdf files I made or mail a sheet to be copied.

I printed a little sign and bought a little basket from the dollar store and I'm ready to sell. I'm not sure where I'll try to sell these or if anyone will buy them, but it's worth a try!

(Jeremy bought one for me and Kristen bought one today for on her purse!)

Scotie's Birthday Shirt

Dr. Scotie - Future Breastfeeding Doctor
I made this shirt for Scotie's 5th birthday because she said she wants to be a breastfeeding doctor when she grows up!



Kristen and I were brain storming ways to help all the counties in district VIII get together and share ideas. She suggested a team blog and so I set one up! Everyone in the district is welcome to post - just leave a comment with your email address and I'll send an invitation for you to become an author. We can share all sorts of things this way - class ideas, special projects we're working on, pictures, events, etc. I hope everyone jumps in!

Gold Standard '09