Christmas Candy Craft

Here is a new Christmas print-out for this year! These are a bit more time consuming than the candy cane craft from last year; but chocolate with a side of breastfeeding info will probably go over even better than the candy canes did! You could also do a healthy treat in these - nuts? trail mix? raisins? These treat bags were 2"x3" and I found them at my local Wal-Mart in the cake decorating isle - $2.50ish for 50 bags. The template has 8 cards per page and can be downloaded here -->    
  1. Fill bag with treats - I did 3 pieces of chocolate in each.
  2. Print the template on card stock
  3. Cut and fold the cards in half
  4. Fold the top of the bag down and staple the card on! 
If anyone needs something non-Christmas, just let me know and I might be able to whip something up for you! Leave a comment if you've got something in mind.


The Marine Kristen & Ethan 11/5/10

Cambree's Promotion of No Bottles Photography By Cambree

At first I was oh no Mrs. Sherry just gave me those stickers. Then, I told Cambree I bet she'd get a big kick out of it but no more stickers for my work.


Candy Cane Craft

I wanted to make some quick little goodies to hand out to people while at work, so I made these little papers to slide onto candy canes. Sugar with a side of breastfeeding info!

There are two different sheets you can download and print. Print on red, green or white cardstock. Each sheet has 8, just cut on the lines and then cut with a craft knife on the litte X to slide the candy cane through.

Sheet 1
Sheet 2



Aiden's new outfit

Aiden, our Wayne County doll, got a new outfit!



Every Mother, Inc. posted this picture on facebook of a sign seen in an Arkansas WIC clinic! Love it! Cathy Carothers and Kendall Cox of Every Mother, Inc. are such wonderful ladies! Make sure you check out the website and the facebook page!


La Leche League Picnic 2010

We had a wonderful World Breastfeeding Week Picnic this year at Maynor Creek Water Park. I'm so grateful for all the help from everyone to get this picnic together, and especially from Michelle!

Left to right: Lexi, Michelle, Christy holding Shepard, Monicah and Chrimson, Scotie, Missy holding Oscar, Denise, Melissa, Patrick and Kristen

Top Photo: Michelle and Missy
Bottom Photo: Denise and Missy

Patrick, Scotie, and a few other children had their faces painted.

Top Photo: Christy, Shepard and Monicah
Bottom Photo: Janie, Oscar and Rosetta
Since it's still early in the year for World Breastfeeding Week activities, I can't wait to see what everyone else will have going on. I'm hoping to have a breastfeeding display in a local library. Kristen and I will be doing another demo at the food center like we did last year. We'll also be having our breastfeeding class on August 2nd and will probably have a similar celebration as last year.