Class Invitations

This afternoon I finished up work on our class invitations. We are planning a special extra fun class for August and so we wanted special invitations. They're ready to be addressed, stamped and mailed.

I printed the invitations on the front and back of card stock and cut them out.

Then added a little insert with some information about this year's WBW theme. I plan to use the back of these to write notes to a few moms on. I can email a .pdf of this if anyone wants to print some for WBW, there are four per page (just let me know if you want color or black and white).

Overlapped the flaps and sealed with "Breastfeeding does a world of good" stickers from noodle soup!

I think it would be fun to have a game that would show moms the advantages of breastfeeding during emergency situations (especially hurricanes), but I haven't come up with any specifics yet. Any ideas anyone?


--r said...

you should post this on your other blog too.
love the layout. i'm a big fan of the self-mailer format. those stickers are perfect for your theme.

mom h said...

Wow! You are getting so good at doing really cool stuff with crappy software. I am so impressed! Were you able to make them rectangular in order to aviod extra postage? I can't tell from your photo.