Golden Bow Pins

I thought it would be really helpful to our breastfeeding classes if we had some dolls for the moms to use to help learn proper positioning. If they hold a doll and position it at their breast during class it may help them feel more comfortable and remember how to when their baby comes.

To help raise a little money for the dolls i made these golden bow pins to try to sell:

I used a $2 spool of ribbon cut into 10" pieces and tied into bows and adhesive pin backs that i found in the jewelry findings in walmart ($2 for 20). I added a little bit of super glue to make sure they stay on good. Be careful with the superglue - it messed up the color of the ribbon on my whole first batch. I ended up spray painting them gold again. I also added a little bit of fray check to the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

I pinned each bow to a business card which explains the symbolism behind the golden bow. If anyone wants to make these, I can email the .pdf files I made or mail a sheet to be copied.

I printed a little sign and bought a little basket from the dollar store and I'm ready to sell. I'm not sure where I'll try to sell these or if anyone will buy them, but it's worth a try!

(Jeremy bought one for me and Kristen bought one today for on her purse!)